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Computers and Guns

Firearms are Mechanical Art, but they must also serve a purpose. For protection, hunting, competition or collecting we are here to serve your needs.

We stock quality firearms in a range of calibers and types. Wether you’re looking for a carry gun, hunting rifle, duck gun or Zombie apocalypse defender (ha ha) we’re here to find one for you that perfectly fits your needs and will stand the test of time and use.

We are a service shop and offer Gunsmithing to get firearms back in their peak operating condition. If you’re having trouble with your Rifle, Pistol, Revolver, Derringer or Shotgun come see us and we’ll make sure it runs well and is safe to serve you.

Gun Transfers are $30 per gun transfer. You can order from any gun shop in the state or country and have your gun delivered here for transfer. If you’re unfamiliar with this process see our article on Firearms Transfers.

Online Firearm Dealers

Below is a list of Links to some of the Online Dealers we receive firearms from regularly.

Bud’s Gun Shop


Grab a Gun


Sportsman’s Guide        

Gun Broker

Not an individual dealer but an Auction site to find lots of new and used Guns and more.

Please be careful using any site for Used Firearms. If it has no warranty from the manufacturer you have no way of knowing you’ll get a good gun. If it’s used and the Pictures are fuzzy it’s best not to buy it, as fuzzy pictures are used to hide bad guns Most of the time. It doesn’t happen often but we have received BAD condition and improperly functioning used guns from every site that we regularly receive used guns from. The larger companies, listed above, will make it right, the smaller ones Don’t. Gun Broker is NOT a Company, it is an auction Site.

Gunsmith and

Firearms Dealer

Certified NRA and NC CCH instructor

We have NC CCH classes starting weekly.

6 Students per class - No More.

Classes are in 2 Hour segments mornings every other day.

Mon Wed Fri or Tue Thur Sat as is needed.

$20 per person per segment

State requirement is 8 hours of class time thus 4-2 hour segments. Depending on students’ understanding more than 4 segments may be necessary. We will not exceed 6 segments for a class.

If you have never fired a handgun before please contact us for alternate arrangements, you ARE NOT ready for a Concealed Carry Class

DO NOT bring Live ammunition to class!!!!

To add you name to our waiting list please call

828-859-6340 between 2pm and 6pm Mon-Fri.

Conceal Carry Class

Classic Firearms


Palmetto State Armory        

Hyatt Guns        

RK Guns


Cheaper Than Dirt        


Sportsman’s Outdoors        

Grice Guns        

Osage County        

Sportsmans Guns

Rainier Arms        

Arms List

Kentucky Guns Co


Impact Guns


Rifle Gear