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Computers and Guns

Firearms are Mechanical Art, but they must also serve a purpose. For protection, hunting, competition or collecting we are here to serve your needs.

We stock quality firearms in a range of calibers and types and will be glad to assist you in finding one that fits your needs and is comfortable and easy to operate.

In Addition to Gun sales we offer Gunsmith Services that include Cleaning, Repair and Modification.

Gun Transfers are $27 per gun. You can order from any gun shop in the state or country and have your gun delivered here for transfer to you. If you’re unfamiliar with this process see our article on Firearms Transfers.

Basic instruction in firearms handling and concealed carry is available.

Guns and Gunsmithing

Online Firearm Dealers

Below is a list of Links to some of the Online Dealers we receive firearms from regularly.

Palmetto State Armory

         SC Gun dealer with excellent prices

Bud’s Gun Shop


Grab a Gun


Sportsman’s Guide        

Gun Broker

Not an individual dealer but an Auction site to find lots of new and used Guns and more.

Please be careful using any site for Used Firearms. If it has no warranty from the manufacturer you have no way of knowing you’ll get a good gun. If it’s used and the Pictures are fuzzy it’s best not to buy it, as fuzzy pictures are used to hide bad guns Most of the time. It doesn’t happen often but we have received BAD condition and improperly functioning used guns from every site that we regularly receive used guns from. The larger companies, listed above, will make it right, the smaller ones Don’t. Gun Broker is NOT a Company, it is an auction Site.