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Firearm Transfers

If you want to buy a firearm from a catalogue, an online site, an auction house or any handgun from a an individual with a different state of residence you are legally required to go through the Transfer process with an FFL Dealer.

The process is simple assuming you have all the paperwork in place to purchase a firearm (see our article on Buying Firearms in NC).

After you have found a Firearm, you will need to contact the seller and pay for the Long gun or Handgun. Then take the order number, Auction Number and the Sellers Contact information (Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address) to a Local dealer you want to handle the transfer.

The Local dealer and the Seller will do all the rest and you will be called when the firearm is ready to be picked up. When you go to the dealer you will need to fill out the ATF Form 4473, just as if you were making a Purchase, and present your Drivers License and other paperwork accordingly. Remember having your Concealed Handgun permit saves lots of time and hassle when doing this because it replaces the NICS background Check.

Once all the paperwork is finished you’ll need to pay the local dealer their transfer fee and you take the firearm home with you.