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Buying a New Computer

It’s time to purchase a new computer, the money is saved and the old machine is almost dead, now what???

Before buying a new computer knowing how it’s going to be used is the most important thing in making the decision about what to buy.

The Powerhouse

Gamers, 2D or 3D Artists, Drafters, Photographers and other users that make heavy use of the processor and system capabilities NEED premium machines. The software necessary to do these tasks often dictates the Minimum specs that a computer can have to run it, but often the minimum hardware, specified by the software company, runs the software poorly. Frequently, after a single update, the minimum hardware will no longer work and must be replaced. If this type of use is intended then buying the most computer you can afford is important. A Fast I7 or Xeon Processor with 32 or 64 Gigabytes of ram and Multiple storage drives is a MUST and having a specialized video interface card is definitely required. Check the software’s hardware requirements and get the most powerful computer you can afford. You should also talk to several custom builders to learn about specific components that will improve performance.

Most of us are not in the category of users that need the first type of computer. Most of us just need a good basic machine that will do everyday things for us. This being said it is still important to be mindful of the software that will be run on the machine.

The Basic web and email machine.

This machine has NO power at all and is designed just for browsing the Web, reading email and some basic word processing or games. It is a slow machine but it does the job if you don’t mind waiting. This will be an Intel I3 processor with 4 gig of ram or less. It Will NOT run store bought games well if at all. It will NOT be expandable and it will NOT last long (typically these desktop machines die in 2 to 3 years, laptops of this type die in as little as 18 months). But if you cannot afford more than this and web access is all you care about then the basic machine may be the best answer for you.

The Good all around Machine.

A good basic Machine for everything is the middle ground. It will have, at minimum,  an I5 Processor and 8 Gig of Ram. These desktop machines are expandable so if a new device is needed it can be added internally. A separate video interface card will help the machine but is usually not necessary. And these machine can even be setup to allow some use of the higher end software if you are thinking about moving into a better machine but want to try the software first. These machines are reliable and last only needed the Hard Drive replaced every 3-5 years.

These are the 3 basic home user types of machines. If you need help picking one out please come talk to us and we’ll be glad to help.

If you have an Older computer that is no longer capable of running Windows or is so slow that it’s more fun to watch paint dry consider converting it to Linux. We suggest Linux Mint which can be installed on either PC or Mac replacing the existing operating system and reinvigorating an existing computer thus postponing the purchase of a new one.

As a final note on Computers, Desktops have the Possibility of being expanded, Laptops and tablets usually (99.999% of the time) don’t. If you are seeking a laptop or tablet, buy THE MOST POWERFUL machine you can afford, else it may be useless to you very quickly. A Single software upgrade would make a computer, that only met minimum specifications when purchased, obsolete.

And do remember - A computer is Only Obsolete when it no longer does what you need it to.